Se está interessado em utilizar casos de estudo nas suas aulas pode começar por pesquisar os casos já existentes.

. Asia Case Research Centre – Includes business cases developed by The School of Business of the Hong Kong University. Mainly these cases are Asian business related.

. BELL Case Studies – (Business Environment Learning and Leadership – BELL) Publishes teaching cases with accompanying teaching notes, developed by professors in all management disciplines, to help incorporate environmental and sustainability issues into the management curriculum..

. Case Program at John F. Kennedy School of Government – Case studies on how government works, how public policy is made and how nonprofit organizations operate. Includes over 1,800 cases.

. – Cases that incorporate “social impact management” into business education.

. Darden Case Studies – From the Darden Business Publishing, includes several educational tools and many case studies. Includes some cases available for previewing in full-text.

. Design Management Institute (DMI) Case Studies – The cases focus primarily on the understanding of how companies actually manage their design resources; how design relates to other functions like engineering, marketing, manufacturing, and corporate communications; and how design decisions affect many facets of an organization.

. European Case Clearinghouse – Includes case studies, teaching notes, internet cases, videos, etc. Material available in many languages.

. Foundation for Advanced Studies in International Development (FASID) Case Collection – Cases deal mainly with topics relevant in international development.

. Harvard Business School Cases – The HBS cases are well known and widely used. Includes case studies, case videos and some software.

. Kellogg School of Management Case Collection – Cases that academic researchers and business trainers can use for educational purposes.

. North American Case Research Association (NACRA) – Cases mostly in the business area. Includes information about the “Case Research Journal”.

. Richard Ivey School of Business Cases – Includes over 2,000 business-related cases.

. South-Western’s CaseNet – Includes cases in accounting, business/law ethics, economics, finance, management and marketing.

. Stanford Graduate School of Business – A database of all cases written from 1994 to date.

. Thunderbird Case Series– Cases in international business. Both field and library cases are offered. Sample examination copies may be downloaded.

. World Bank Institute Case Study Collection – These cases deal mainly with development matters. Some cases are available in full text.

. XanEdu – Includes a wide variety of cases from multiple sources.

. The MIS case study page. These case studies are provided for students who are studying the MIS course at the University of York.